My new blog

I have resisted doing a blog for a long time now.  The idea of a blog seems very self indulgent to me.  However, there are some topics on fitness and nutrition that I think I can be very beneficial.  I know what it’s like to be out of shape and obese.  Five years ago I was well over 100 pounds overweight.  I lost over 100 pounds through strength training and nutrition.  What I would like to convey in this blog are my thoughts on how to lose weight, gain muscle and stay in shape.

In the coming days I will write on topics ranging from fat loss, gaining muscle and strength, and improving metabolism.  If I can contradict some beliefs that you have about the best way to lose fat, then this blog will prove quit interesting.  Anytime that I state something as fact I will try to back it up with scientific research.  I’m aware that research can be manipulated so I will try to share the most unbiased research available.

Tomorrow I will write about how to burn fat through interval training and nutrition.

Hope you enjoy.   Jack


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