You gonna eat your tots?

People either love the movie Napoleon Dynamite or the hate it.  There seems to be no one who says they thought the movie was just okay.  Love or hate him, there are some things to learn from his story.  First of all, Napoleon had a plan and he stuck to his plan.  He wanted his friend Pedro to be class president.  He also wanted to impress people with his smooth dance moves.  Without spoiling the movie for those who have not seen it, he achieves both at the same time.

Napoleon isn't afraid of tots

Napoleon isn’t afraid of tots

What does this have to do with nutrition and exercise?  Well my friend, lots.  In order to have sound, rational nutrition you have to have a plan.  You have to know what you can and cannot eat.  You have to have what you can eat available.  In order for a nutrition plan to succeed you must plan out your meals a week in advance.  Don’t let a moment hit you when your choices are limited.  Plan, plan, plan.

There is a difference between a person that goes to the gym and works out and a person who goes to the gym and trains.  The person who goes and works out has no plan.  They go in with no idea of what they should do.  The workout person guesses at what they should be doing.  A person who goes to the gym to train has a plan.  They have a set workout routine.  They know how many sets and reps they are doing.  They know what type of exercises they will be doing and why they are doing those exercises.  The person who trains at the gym has a plan and makes progress.  The person that just comes to workout will ultimately make no progress.

Do you have a plan for your nutrition?  Are you in the gym working out or are you training?


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