Buffets and Gyms

The other day I went with my wife to an all you can eat buffet here in town.  Not my choice for dinning out but I picked the last two places and I think she had payback in mind.  Not because my places were bad places to eat, she just isn’t into eating as healthy as I am.  I agreed to go because I can get a good salad with lots of leafy green vegetables.  And if I am really picky I can usually get some vegetables off the buffet that are not too loaded with sodium or cooked with some kind of fat for flavor.

Buffets and not the healthiest places to hang out.  And this one was no exception.  As you might expect there were plenty of overweight people gorging themselves.  There were also lots of people who just didn’t look healthy.

If you go to a gym on a regular basis you might know what I’m talking about when I say these people did not look healthy.  Have you ever noticed how most people in a gym look invigorated and confident.  They have this look about themselves that says “I’m taking care of myself and feel good about me”.  Since I spend most of my time outside my house in a gym, these are the people I see the most.  So going to a buffet and seeing people that don’t have this “glow” about them really felt sad.

But here is the sad part.  The percentage of those people going to the buffet and making themselves more unhealthy to those that are going to the gym are somewhere near 100 to 1.  The buffet stays busy all day, serving obesity and illness to people who pile their plates high.  The gyms busiest days are Monday and Tuesday evening.  I guess people are trying to work off whatever they ate or drank over the weekend.

Don’t avoid the buffet.  Go look for yourself.  Ask yourself “do these people look healthy?”  Not just do they look healthy, do they look happy?  Everyone has a choice on how they want to live their life.  We all have to make a decision if we want to be healthy and live life to the fullest.    Or do we want to stand in line at the buffet for our serving of fried okra and greasy riblets.


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