You Are Being Judged by You Appearance

Each of us is being judged by how we look.  Not that it’s right or even PC in today’s society to even discuss.  Whether or not it’s right the fact still remains that we are are judged on our appearance.  And we all judge others as well.  None of us are above it.  It’s just a part of human nature to judge one another and compartmentalize people in order to make them fit into each of our own realities. 

Oh, I could get all high and mighty and tell you “Judge not, least you be judged”.  And that is a lofty goal to strive for.  But the fact still remains, we are all human and we all judge each other based on appearance.  Maybe it’s something left over from a time in human history when humans had to judge the appearance of others just to survive that encounter.  Or maybe it has to do with some sort of mating and choosing a mate based on what is perceived as that person having the best genes for offspring.

You are judged on your appearance everyday in a thousand differant ways.  If you go for a job interview, part of what is being looked at is your appearance.  Will you fit in with the norms of the company you are interviewing with?  If you are over six foot tall, have a full head of hear and a more athletic build, you may even land yourself a management position.  Studies indicate that this happens often.  And so does the comic strip Dilbert.

People tend to associate others who are overweight as being lazy, sloppy, unproductive, and even less inteligent.  There is a real discrimination towards individuals that are overweight.  Even though you can’t messure a person’s ability to be productive based on their weight or body type.  There are plenty of thin people who are incompetant and lazy.

Life isn’t fair.  Being overweight and passed up for that promotion by someone who is not, is never a good feeling.  We all make our choices.  Do I remain overweight and let promotions or jobs go to those who are not?  Let’s not even talk about the chances of getting involved with someone of the oposite sex that is in shape.

Have I got you angry yet?  Angry enough to do something.  Sometimes that’s what it takes for us to make changes in our lives.  We have to stop pampering ourselves and get really angry at what we have allowed ourselves to do to our bodies.  When I decided it was not okay for me to be fat, that’s when I started to lose weight.  I had to get angry at myself.  Each time I wanted to cheat and eat something that was not on my diet I had to talk to ask myself was I going to continue to be weak or was I going to do something about my fat ass.

We all have choices to make.  And we can’t stop people for judging us on our appearance.  But we can change the way in which we are being judged.


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