Ultra Fit Day One

Today was the first day of my Ultra-Fit Diet.  Well, yesterday I sort of started but I wasn’t actually following the guidelines.    So I am considering this my first day.  I figure that if I am going to tell my clients they have to be 100% on target with the Ultra-Fit program then I should know what they are experiancing.  John Defendis is a great motivator and is making sure I am following the plan the way it’s laid out.

First thing I noticed today, the Ultra-Fit plan is a lot of food.  I am amazed at how much food I have to eat at each meal.  And I eat five times a day.  I have been watching what I eat for a long time now.  I don’t ever eat garbage foods or stop by the fast food restaurant for a quick snack.

The plan I’ve been following helped me to lose over 100 pounds.  But then it just stopped.  Since then my weight has been consistant.  I’m really excited about Ultra-Fit because it’s so different from what I have been doing.

There is a term that I have read about that describes this idea of exercise and upping what you eat.  It’s called G-Flux.  Simply put, it means the more healthy foods you consume while you are training, the higher your metabolism is.  Higher metabolism means your body burns more fat and stores less fat.  And all that food that you eat goes to nourish the muscles that you are training.

My goal is to be a lean, mean training machine by Thanksgiving.  I got it in my sites and I can feel the program working.  Now if I can just eat all this food.


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