Halloween Ultra Fit

This nutrition plan is da-bomb.  I eat like a mad man all day long and lose weight.  Well not really.  I am loosing weight but I really do have to stick to the plan.  Here’s the deal, I really like the foods that on on the Ultra Fit plan.  May not mean much since there are very few foods I dislike.  In fact, I can only think of one thing that I found so disgusting that I couldn’t eat another bite.  It was a Mexican sandwich in this tacarilla in Houston.  It sounded good on the menu but it turned out to be a hunk of pure fat on a bun.  It was no wonder the waiter gave me a strange look when I ordered it.  I bet he was thinking to himself “silly Gringo, ordering a piece of fat on bread.  Who eats fat on bread?”

I was really apprehensive about eating lots of carbs.  I really had bought into the thought that if I eat carbs outside of the training time that I would pack on the pounds and muscle would just fall off of me.  None of that is happening.  I am loosing weight and gaining muscle.  And it’s only been a few days.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween.  Our neighborhood was packed with kids.  Seems the word around town is this is the neighborhood to score big time on bags of candy.  We had them lining up outside our door.  Practically to the driveway.  My hope is these kids don’t get fat off all that candy and have to suffer eating like mad all day long, like I do.  That is a scary thought.


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