5 Ways Omega 3’s will make you Healthier

Omega 3’s from fish oil are the single most important Nutrient that is missing in the American diet.fish-oil1 On average there is a 12 to 1 ration of omega 6’s to omega 3’s in our diet.  Omega 6’s come from corn products and are pro-inflammatory.  Omega 3’s from cold water fish are anti-inflammatory.  There should be a ration of 1 to 1 of omega 6’s and omega 3’s.

Why should omega 3’s come from fish oil?  Because the essential omega 3’s that are lacking in our diet are EPA and DHA found in fish oil.  EPA and DHA are found in abundance in fish oil.  Women need more of the EPA in fish oil and men need more of the DHA.

Number 1 reason:

Omega 3’s will help you live longer.  If that in itself is not a great reason to take lots of fish oil daily, I don’t know what is.  Think about this.  The two places on earth that people live the longest are Japan and Iceland.  Both places are where the population eat tons of cold water fish.  Japan has more people living past the age of 100 than any other country on earth.

Number 2 reason:

As stated before – omega 3’s are anti-inflammatory.  What do all diseases have in common.  That’s right – they cause inflammation.  Or wait – maybe it’s our lack of inflammation fighting omega 3’s that is causing all the diseases.  Either way, the more omega 3’s we consume, the less inflammation we have.  The less inflammation, the less stress on our bodies fighting off inflammation.

Number 3 reason:

Better insulin sensitivity.  Fish oil has a great way of evening out insulin levels.  Better insulin levels mean our bodies are better at storing less fat and using what fat we have in storage as energy.  And you know what this mean?  You guessed it – significant fat loss.

Number 4 reason:

Fish oil causes the average person metabolism to rise so that they are using nearly 600 more calories per day.  That’s 600 calories a day doing nothing.  Well you do have to take the fish oil.  Think about that.  That’s more than an hour on a treadmill.  I could use that hour for so many other things.  And besides, between me and you, cardio is a waste of time.   You will never lose fat doing cardio.  It’s a myth.

Number 5 reason:

Fish oil has significant mental health properties.  There have been several studies with fish oil in prison populations.  In several studies the incidence of violent behavior decreased dramatically.  Fish oil helped patients who were bi-polar.  Fish oil has been found to greatly reduce depression.  Several other studies have been done with fish oil in individuals with personality disorders.  Significant improvement has been shown in most of the research subjects.

I will list more reason why you should be taking omega 3’s from fish oil in other post.  I’ll also be writting about how much you should take daily and what are some good brands to take.


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