5 Mistakes People Make in a Gym

As a personal trainer in Anderson SC working in a gym and training in another gym, I see all kinds of people doing all kinds of things that don’t necessarily benefit them making progress.  Here is a list of workout disasters I see on a regular basis:

1.  Not varying the workout routine. This I see a lot.  People doing the same thing form months at a time.  Reminds me of that saying – Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  If you don’t change your routine your muscles get used to what you are doing and progress stops.  You have to vary your reps and sets and make sure that you change what you are doing at least monthly.  If you are an experienced lifter, more than three years of lifting, then you probably need to change up what you are doing every two weeks.

2.  Using too much weight and losing form. This is common among those who see themselves as extremely macho and think that the only way to gain muscle is through lifting heavy weight.  While it is true you do need to lift heavy for hypertrophy, it’s also true that you can seriously injure yourself lifting too much weight and losing form.  If you are struggling lifting a particular weight you might want to consider doing some strength training to help yourself build up to that weight.

3.  Using the gym as a social club and not being focused on making progress. It’s good to have a place to hang out and meet with friends.  However, if you are looking to make progress you might want to concentrate on your goals.  I don’t think you can have a social experience and train at the same time.  You have to set your priorities.

4.  Too much cardio. If you want to build lean muscle and lose fat doing lots of steady state cardio will not work.  When you do cardio for more than 20 minutes your body starts to eat muscle for energy.  Lose muscle and your metabolism suffers.  Don’t believe me?  Look at long distance runners.  Very thin almost skeletal like features.  Not a bit of muscle on them.  Now think of sprinters and short distance runners.  Lots of muscle and not a bit of fat.  If you want to do cardio, try doing intervals.

5.  This is my biggest pet peeve in a gym. Not dressing like you are there to train.  Wearing bluejeans or street clothes.  And the worse thing of all, wearing crocks.  Especially if you are a man.  If you wear crocks anywhere, not just in a gym, you might want to run, not walk, to your nearest doctor and get your testosterone levels checked.  Not manly and looks ridiculous.  Wearing crocks in a gym is truly a sign you are not there for the right reasons.  Look the part when you are training.  It helps remind you of what you are there for.

Again, being a personal fitness trainer in Anderson SC, I see it all.  Mostly what I see is people going to gyms and not making any progress.  Sometimes we have got to give up what is comfortable for us to achieve the goals we set for ourselves.


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