7Reasons For An Online Personal Trainer

Here is a partial list of reasons why someone would get an online trainer instead of a trainer in a gym:

1: While having someone there to take you through routines that you have probably done yourself twelve dozen times might be good, it’s totally unnecessary if you know how to do the routine.

2: Who needs to know that you have a trainer. No one. It’s hard to have any gym cred if you have someone telling you what to do all the time.

3: Trainers tend to spend a lot of their time (and mostly yours) talking to their clients. If you get a good trainer that spends the session actually training you then you have a great trainer.

4: Lifting weights and proper form is not brain surgery. While form is important, the fundamentals can be taught very easily. What really matters is the development of a training program that meets your specific goals.

5: Money, money, money. Why spend thousands of dollars on a trainer when you can get the same or better training online. I guarantee that you will be in better shape and on your way to your fitness goals in no time at all. I’ll even refund your money if you are not satisfied. How many gym trainers offer you that type of guarantee.

6: You train at your own pace and schedule. Late getting to the gym? No problem. You have the training routine and can train on your time.

7: Online training offers the same motivation and fitness education as you would get in a gym. In fact you will receive more information on fitness and meeting your goals than most gym trainers provide.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that training in a gym with a trainer can be very beneficial. I train folks all the time in their homes and in studios. But when they get the fundamentals down, there is no reason why they need me to hold their hand and be there with them. What they need is an experienced trainer to provide direction and guidance.

Try my online training program. You really have nothing to lose but body fat.


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