So You Want Big Shoulders

This is what I call a mini set of complexes. This set consist of doing three exercises, one after the other, with no rest until the entire set is completed. If you want big delts, then this is an excellent exercise to help you accomplish that goal.

I do have to warn you. This is going to be painful.

Use a light weight dumbbell, somewhere in the range of 12 to 15 pounds. Do all three exercises, one after the other. Rest of 90 seconds and then do another set followed by 90 second rest. Do the last set and you are complete.

A1) Lateral raise

3 x 12-15

A2) Front raise

3 x 12-15

A3) Overhead dumbbell press

3 x 12-15

Rest about 90 seconds between each round

There will be lots of cries for mommy and even some cursing by the time you get to the third set. You shoulders will be on fire.

Also, make sure you stretch your deltoids at the end of your training session.


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