Just Say No To Barney Rubble Legs

There’s not a day that goes by I  see someone who reminds me of Barney cankle-shotRubble working out in the gym.  You remember Barney?  He was Fred Flintstones best friend/sidekick.  Barney was short and had a very stocky upper body.  But his legs were way underdeveloped for his upper body size .

I see lots of guys working out their upper bodies and totally neglecting their legs, gluts and calves.  They look off balance and I often wonder how they can lift anything being so top heavy.

There are several reasons why you want to workout your lower body, aside from not wanting to look like Barney Rubble.  First is by working your lower body you are helping your body to produce more testosterone.  More testosterone means bigger stronger muscles.

Second reason is metabolism.  If you train the large muscles in your legs and glutes, you will raise your body’s metabolism and burn more fat.  Guys that are top heavy tend to have problems with body fat around their midsection.  It would be easier to keep body fat lowered if the lower body is developed.

And, your body tends to be more balanced meaning that your upper body is stronger.  Better lower body development means the upper body will be easier to train.

When I get a chance to ask someone why they don’t train their lower body more the typical response is they have poor genetics and can’t get their lower body to grow.

i-love-canklesI think this is partially an excuse.  Yes, we all have limits on muscle development.  However, there is no reason why the lower body should be neglected.  I can usually tell that the lower body is not being trained just by looking at a person’s “cankles”.  You know, no separation of the calf and ankle.  The lower leg appears to be one single mass from the bottom of the knee to the ankle.

Here is what you should know about the different muscles of the lower cankles-are-amazingbody.  They all respond differently to stimulus.  The calves are smaller muscles and need lots of reps.  The hamstrings and glutes are larger muscles and respond better to heavier weight and lower reps.  The quads respond better to higher reps.

To get the calves to grow you have to do lots and lots of reps.  Most people don’t like doing lots of reps on the calves because, well it just hurts like hell.  However, you have to do as many reps as you can to get the calves to develop.

Here is a training routine I use for working out my calves:

Stand on a stairway or platform and do 20 calf raises.  Rest for 30 seconds.  Bring your toes together and do 20 more calf raises.  Rest for 30 seconds.  Bring your heals together and do 20 more calf raises.

After you complete the third set do some glut or hamstring work.  Then come back to the calves and this time stand on a platform and raise your heals so that your calves are now working in an isometric type of exercise.  Keep your heals raised in this position for one minute.  Then lower your heals past the bottom of the platform.  Feel the pull on your calves in this position.  Keep your heals lowered for one minute.

Your calves will feel like they are on fire by the time you finish.  And you may be more than a little sore.  Keep doing this.  I actually work my calves every time I train even on days that I am training upper body.  The calves can never get enough training.  Well they can, but there’s no need to worry about over training them.

Train your calves and you will never have to worry about looking like Barney Rubble.  And you will see lots of improvement in balance and strength.


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