Six Ways To Improve Your Cholesterol Levels

A couple of months ago I had a follow up visit with my doctor to go over blood work. Everything looked great. My total cholesterol was 117. Bad Cholesterol was low and good cholesterol was where it should be. Triglycerides were low as well.

Five years ago my cholesterol was a completely different story. I was more than 100 pounds overweight and my total cholesterol was in the 500’s. Yes, 500’s. One doctor called me walking death.  I had my cholesterol checked by another doctor just to make sure the reading were correct.  It came out about the same for the second test.

I immediately went on medication and my cholesterol level came down substantially. When I changed my lifestyle and eating habits it dropped down to where it is now and has stayed down.

Here is a list of things I did to lower my cholesterol:

1. Started working out and hired a trainer – I had no idea how to lift weights, use proper form, and get the results I wanted on my own.

2. Started a nutrition plan low in saturated fats and simple carbohydrates. No processed foods and no sugar. Again, I had to rely on the knowledge of my personal trainer.

3. Fish Oil. I take between 8 to 12 grams of fish oil per day. Fish oil lowers blood sugar levels as well as helps with the metabolizing of fats and stopping fats from being stored.

4. Limited omega-6 intake. As important as it was to increase omega-3 intake from fish oil, it was just as important to limit omega-6 intake. Omega-6’s are pro-inflammatory and omega-3’s are anti-inflammatory.

5. Lots of lower body exercise. The large muscles of the lower body need to be challenged regularly. These muscles will go a long way in boosting your metabolism and helping your body to utilize triglycerides released into the bloodstream during exercise.

6. Interval Training – also called HIIT for High Intensity Interval Training. This type of exercise takes you from a point of low intensity to higher intensity over a set period of time. Interval Training is hands down the best way to burn fat and continue to burn fat long after you stopped exercising.

This may sound like a lot but it’s really not. For me it was about being committed to not just being healthy, but not wanting to die. I made the decision that I wanted to be an active contributor to life and not just sit back and watch life happen.

If I can bring my cholesterol down and keep it down anyone can. No great secrets to doing it. What I listed can be found anywhere else online.  However, I am living prove that you can get your cholesterol levels where they should be and keep them there.


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