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Last week I went on vacation to St. Augustine, FL.  St. Augustine is a great place to visit because of all the historical sites, great beaches, natural beauty and so many restaurants that you can never visit even a small percentage of them in just one visit. You might ask yourself  “is this a fitness and nutrition blog, or a travel blog for St. Augustine?”

While in St. Augustine you should visit Caps Restaurant...Wait, this is a fitness blog...Not a travel blog.

While in St. Augustine you should visit Caps Restaurant...Wait, this is a fitness blog...Not a travel blog.

A major part of staying fit and healthy is relieving stress.  Sure it’s great to go to the gym and lift weights or do some cardio to relieve the day to day stress of life.  In fact, I believe that stress reduction through exercise is one of it’s most underrated benefit. While on vacation, I continued to follow a routine of daily weight training and interval training.  I usually go to one of the local gyms and pay for however much time I’m going to be in St. Augustine.  This time I decided to use the gym at the condo.

Beautiful stress free day on St. Augustine Beach

Beautiful stress free day on St. Augustine Beach

I’m not a big fan of the condo gym because it’s not very big and doesn’t have a lot of the equipment I like to use.  But, it does have lots of free weights and enough equipment to get you though a good training session.  And it doesn’t waste a lot of space on cardio machines (which, by the way, are a waste of space in most gyms if you are looking to lose body fat). Because I was forced to go out of my routine and come up with exercises I rarely do in my local gym, I got in some really good workouts.

This gym had very few cable machines that I usually use for pulling type exercises.  I had to come up with exercises that involved pulling without the use of cables. Every good training routine should incorporate a balance of pushing and pulling type exercises.  In a perfect world you would do a pulling exercise followed by a pushing exercise, or vise versa.  Changing up the type of exercise you do will ensure that all muscle fibers are being activated.

It’s not that difficult to come up with pulling type exercises without the use of cables.  But, cables to help a lot.  The best way to overcome lack of cable machines is with the use of bands.  Bands will give you all the resistance you need to get a great workout. Lower body workouts are where I missed my gym at home the most.  No squat racks in this little gym.

Bands Type Exercise

Bands Type Exercise

I couldn’t imagine that there were any complaints about the lack of squat racks.  Most of the people I saw using this gym were a little older and probably would not use a squat rack. Not that I’ve never seen older people in the squat rack.  The most in shape older individuals I’ve ever met do squats on a regular basis.  Without the assistance of a squat rack I was forced to use much lighter weights.  Lighter weights meant that there had to be higher reps.

Body Weight Squat

Body Weight Squat

I usually do heavy weight for lower body, especially when training glutes.  By the time I finished the high rep routines on lower body I was whipped out.  And my glutes were on fire.  This for me is a sign of a great workout. You really can get a great workout without being in a huge gym.  In fact, some of my best workouts have been outside of the gym where I had to come up with exercises that I normally don’t do in a gym.

Going on vacation is always fun and doesn’t have to mean that you should take a vacation from exercising and eating healthy foods.  In fact, it could be a way to energize your training and nutrition plan.  It could be just what you need to come back  rested and more enthused about your fitness.


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