Should I Take Capsule or Liquid Fish Oil?

You and I both know that there is no miracle pill. There’s no supplement or drug out there that’s going to change your life instantly as soon as you take it.

But I’ll tell you what, a good Essential Fatty Acid supplement can come darn close. There are more and more research studies showing the enormous health and fat loss benefits of taking fish oil.

– They help stabilize your blood sugar levels, which helps promote fat loss

– It can reduce inflammation which is extremely beneficial for DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

-Reduces blood pressure and helps to promote health of the heart

– They can also help decrease joint pain significantly

-Raises metabolism which will help the body to burn fat instead of storing fat

-Helps to improve brain functioning

And a whole lot more.

Sounds great, right? Sure does, but the problem with Fish Oil has always been the same:

They make you burp like crazy!

There is a way that I’ve found to stop the fish burbs.  Simply put the fish oil capsules in the freezer.  The frozen fish oil takes longer to dissolve and digest which means no more fish burps.

I also use liquid fish oil and have never experienced fish burps.  There are several brands that offer great quality and don’t have a bad fishy taste.  And there are some brands that are totally inedible.

Whichever way you chose, you are going to experiance a huge change in your overall health and fitness.  So the question isn’t which type of fish oil should I take but rather, when I can get the fish oil so I can start taking it.


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