If I Consume High Fructose Corn Syrup Will It Make Me Stupid Also?

Have you seen those commercials on TV with the two guys at the kitchen table?  One of them looks at what the other is eating and says “hey, you’re not going to eat that are you?  It has high fructose corn syrup in it.”  The other one smugly says “Who told you high fructose corn syrup is bad for you, Mom and Dad?  High fructose corn syrup is no worse than sugar. And besides, it’s all natural”

This commercial is the single most offensive commercial on TV today.  It gets right to the point of insulting my intelligence.  It takes aim right at my brain and pulls the trigger.  How can I be so stupid as to think that HFCS is harmful to me.  No even that, how dare that I have a brain to think such a thing.  I must be really stupid.

I don’t know about you but I remember getting this same load of crap when I was a kid from other kids.  “Who told you weed was bad for you, your mommy?”  It seems to me that the HFCS people are acting like someone who is peer pressuring us into feeling safe about using their product.

Here’s the deal.  If a food company has to spend millions of dollars on advertising to tell me their product is healthy then something is wrong.  Does the broccoli consortium have to tell us that broccoli is healthy to eat?  NO!!!  It just is.  Do the Apple growers of America spend one dime to convince us that apples are not on delicious but also very nutritious.  If they do then they are wasting their money.  No one needs to tell us that Apples are healthy to eat.

But the HFCS people want you to know that you are an idiot if you believe that their product will cause any health related problems or has anything to do with obesity in the United States.  And whatever you do, don’t really investigate HFCS.  That would simple be a waste of your time and could cause you to be even more dumber than you are for thinking that HFCS is a major contributor to obesity.

Just because it has the words fructose and corn in it does not make HFCS natural.  This is not a substance that occurs naturally.  It has to be processed.  Just because it comes from corn does not mean that it is a natural occurring substance like sugar or even stevia.  I’ve heard people use the same logic for their marijuana use.  “Hey it’s natural, that makes it okay.”  So are a lot of other things, like sugar, but that doesn’t mean I need to enjest it.

Since it’s widespread distribution in our food supply starting in 1982, the incidence of obesity in the US has risen substantially.  Here’s the problem with HFCS.  Processed sugar raises insulin and insulin’s job is either to store foods as fat or push nutrients to muscle.  In the case of sugar, it is processed through the liver and then expelled as waste.  HFCS does the same thing as sugar.  It raises insulin levels and causes the storage of fat from insulin being raised.  However, HFCS is not processed through the liver and remains in your system.  This causes your insulin levels to remain high and you store more fat.

Remember, the rule is IF A FOOD PRODUCT COMPANY HAS TO SPEND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO TELL YOU THEIR FOOD IS SAFE OR HEALTHY, IT IS NOT.  This also goes for Soy and even milk.  If a food is healthy then the producers of that food should not have to spend a dime to tell you it’s healthy.

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