Things I Don't Miss About Being Fat

Here are a few things I don’t miss about being fat:

Using my stomach as a cup holder – My stomach made the perfect place to put a drink when I was fat.  Most of the time what I used my stomach to hold was my favorite soft drink at the time, diet Dr. Pepper.  When I got serious about losing weight and getting in shape I stopped drinking diet sodas.  I lost 25 pounds immediately after I stopped diet drinks.  Seems the diet sodas were making me crave simple carbohydrates.

Never wanting to take my shirt off at the swimming pool or beach – Don’t know why this would have been a big deal.  Anyone could clearly see that I was fat.  I didn’t need to take my shirt off for people to suddenly realize how fat I was.

Doctors telling me I was going to die if I didn’t start losing weight – Did I believe them?  Yes and no.  I believed them that I was not in any great shape but I thought I felt just fine.  Little did I know just how miserable I was feeling all the time.  Funny thing what denial can do for you.  Make you think you are perfectly okay when in fact you are on your way to an early grave.

Feeling old and out of place among people my age or older – Because I had no energy and felt tired all the time, I didn’t feel like I had anything in common with people my age who were in better shape.  Getting in shape has definitely gotten me past feeling old.  I workout with people who are half my age and can usually outlast them.

Visiting with people I hadn’t seen in years – I hated this the most.  Because I had gained so much weight, I felt embarrassed for people I had known for any length of time to see me.  Now I look forward to seeing people from my past.  And I really enjoy seeing people who have not seen me since I lost weight.  Most are surprised and you can see a look of dismay on their face.  Generally they will say something like “Is that you Jack?” or “Jack, you are half the man you used to be!”  Okay, no one says that last thing.  But it is funny if you think about it.

There are lots more things I really don’t miss about being fat.  The high cholesterol and having to take medication to control the cholesterol.   And all the other medical complications that come along with being fat and out of shape.

I am not willing to give up my hard fought fitness gains or am I willing to go back to the way it was when I was fat.  Life is way too short to not be as healthy as I possibly can.

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