The Path of the Fat Loss Warrior

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The Warrior’s Path

When a person is seriously overweight, and by seriously I mean 50 or more pounds, losing body fat becomes just as much mental as it does physical.  So much of a persons identity is tied up in their appearance.  And you would think that giving up what comes with being overweight would be easy.  Change is not easy.  Even when it’s a change that the person truly desires.

Change means having to be uncomfortable.  Having to go outside our comfort zones.  It’s easy to sit back and view the world as a spectator.  Actually participating in life when you either have never done it or have not done it in a long time does not feel familiar.

Losing body fat and changing your body composition is actually not that difficult.  I can say this because I’ve done it.  What people have the most difficulty with is simply starting the process of transformation.  Lots of people give up at the very beginning.  Others get a little way into the journey and turn around.  Still others stop when they can see the finish line and never cross it.

Changing our bodies means changing our Life’s.  Having to actually take responsibility for what we eat, the amount of exercise we do daily, and getting the proper rest.  It was so much easier to blame how we looked on poor genetics, not enough time to get to the gym, no time to cook and eat properly and the thousands of other excuses.

Changing our bodies means changing our behaviors.  Humans generally are creatures of habit.  Once we get into a routine it’s hard as hell to get out of it.  The whole of the universe can be screaming that a behavior is self destructive and people will continue on with that same behavior.

Changing our bodies means changing our attitudes.  We have to learn how to look at life in a totally different way.  We have to look at what we put into our bodies in a totally different way.  No longer can we afford to eat whatever taste good.  Now, we have to actually learn what is good for us to eat and the best times to eat it.

Changing our bodies means changing our values.  Our values are what define us.  If I value exercise and proper nutrition, most likely I will make that a priority in my life.  I can’t just say that I value exercise and never do any.  Having a value means taking action on that which I value.  If I say I value exercise and I never exercise then exercise cannot be something I truly value.

Changing our bodies means changing our beliefs.  I have to belief that not only can I make a commitment to change, but that I can change.  Believing in yourself and that you are capable of doing great things is vitally important.  Allow yourself to belief that you can reach your goal and you will find that it just got a lot easier to get to that goal.

Most people never start the journey.  For them the path is too unfamiliar and what they have is too comfortable.  Misery is more desirable than change.  For them, this is a hell of their own making.  Life passes by and they are stuck in the misery of their choosing.

Being on the warrior’s path does not mean you have to battle with yourself or with anything outside yourself.  Being a warrior means that you have made a decision to change and you are on the path to change.

Have a great journey.  Learn from your mistakes.  Be gentle with yourself and your fellow travelers.  Take risks and expect great things.  Life expects great things of you.

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