What would your life be like?

One of the first things I ask someone who is just starting to train with me is “what is your life going to be like with you reach your weight loss goal?”

In other words, how is your life going to change?  Most people only thing about losing weight and how that will cause them to wear smaller clothes sizes.  But there are many other ways in which weight loss has an effect on our lives.

How will people view you now that you’ve changed your body composition.  People are generally creatures of habit and most people don’t like change.  Even when it is a good change.  How will your family and friends react to your new appearance?  How will they react to your new lifestyle?  Will they encourage you or will they see your change as a threat to their security and try to sabotage it.

Don’t think that everyone will like what you are doing.  Especially if they see you doing what they so desperately need to do themselves.  This is why it is so important to have people in your life that are supportive and want you to succeed.  I have seen so many friends and family try to sabotage a person’s weight loss goals.  Life is too short to have people in your life that are not 100% supportive.

How will you view yourself when you reach your weight loss goals?  What will it be like to have confidence in yourself like you’ve never had before? Setting and obtaining weight loss and muscle development goals is a feeling like you’ve never had before.  No longer will you feel out of control with your weight.  Feeling powerless is a very powerful feeling.  Feeling in charge of your life and secure with your body feels more powerful than the powerlessness you felt before.

How will things change in your relationships with your spouse?  Your dating life?  Your carrier?  Your relationship with food?  Yes I said that right.  How will you relate to food and how everything you eat effects you?  Will you be able to develop boundaries with your meals so that you know when to eat, how much to eat, and what not to eat?

These are all important questions and in reality don’t have answers because none of these things have happened yet.  But when you do start your journey, hold on, it’s going to be a wild ride.

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