Think Of Yourself As An Athlete

Everyday these two guys come into the gym together.  They’ve been coming for awhile and working out together.  So when I saw one of them working out by himself I asked him where his buddy was.  He said “he won’t be working out for awhile.  He’s not doing to good.”  I was with a trainee so I didn’t push him for more information.  He gave it to me anyway.  “He had a stroke.”  I was shocked because even though the guy is overweight he is still young.  I asked him how old his friend is and he said 37.

37 years old is way to young to be having a stroke.  But this is not the whole story.  Later on I find out that on his way home from the hospital this guy stops off at Wendy’s for a hamburger and fries.  His friend said that his justification for stopping at Wendy’s was “my eating has nothing to do with me having a stroke.”

Am I missing something?  How in the world could anyone think that their nutrition have nothing to do with their health?  It’s hard for me to even conceive that someone would have that much denial about their choice of food intake.

Nutrition and exercise have everything to do with a person’s health.  Sure this guy was coming to the gym and “working out”.  The one thing I notice about his workout was the lack of intensity.  I never saw him break a sweat.  The gym seemed more of a social setting for him.  Which is okay, if you are challenging yourself while you are training.  If not, then it’s just a waist of time.

And if you are not eating properly and going to the gym you will never see a change in body composition.  You can fool yourself into thinking you are taking care of yourself, but in the end it’s all about what you put into your body and how that is used to support your energy needs.

We all teach a lesson.  Some of us teach others the way to be strong and healthy and others teach how to fail at being strong and healthy.

I have to put myself into a frame of mind.  I try to picture myself as a athlete in training.  Not just someone that is working out everyday and trying to eat right.  What I eat has a direct effect on what I do while training.  What I do while training has an effect on how I eat.  I eat carbs and fats for energy and protein, fruits and vegetables for muscle repair and body function.

When I think of myself in terms of being an athlete in training, I have to stop and ask myself “how will this food affect me while I’m training?”  Will it add to my goals or will it take away from them.

I know that I am not a athlete.  But having the mental attitude of being an athlete in training gives me the discipline I need to eat in such a way that it compliments what I do in a workout.

Think of yourself as an athlete.  You are  strong and getting stronger.  Your body needs proper nutrition to compete everyday in the competition of life.

There is no reason anyone should be having a stroke in their 30’s.  It is all about nutrition and exercise and how they relate to each other.

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