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Fitness Connection Nation Video

Today, with lots of help from a video production master, I completed my first

personal training video.  Jimmy did a great job and is incredible to watch in action

as he preformed his magic.

Let me know what you think of this video.  Personally, I think he did a great job.  But

I’m a little biased.

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Surround Yourself With Winners

Last week I talked about how people use food to cope with anything from stress to feelings of loneliness.  This week I had a conversation with a trainee that involved some of the same issues I discussed last week.

I was talking about the importance of surrounding herself with people that supported her weight loss goals and who understood how challenging it is to change her body composition.  She has a family member who is also going through personal training and is facing some of the same struggles.  Having a member of her family there supporting her and being supportive to them has been extremely important for both of them in reaching their goals.

However, she told me about a friend of hers that wasn’t so supportive.  This friend said to her “I don’t want you to lose all your weight.  I like you just the way you are.”

I asked her what she felt about her friend saying that to her.  She stated that she felt like the friend had her own agenda and didn’t really have her best interest in mind.  We talked more about why anybody would not want to see good things happen in another person’s life.

Personally, I think it comes down to fear.  Fear of change and of losing control.  If someone changes, will they still want to be my friend even though I haven’t made any changes?  Fear that the relationship with change and they might possible go in a different direction with their life.  Fear that if they are making changes then I might have to question “why am I not making changes?”

Change, even if it’s good change, can be scary.  Sometimes especially if it’s good change.  Change means we have to take responsibility for where we are right now and how we got ourselves where we are.  It means that we have to admit that the old ways of doing things may not be working.  Those ways of doing things are comfortable and doing things that provoke change are not familiar.

An example of knowing that change needs to occur but being stuck in old habits, ways of thinking, and behaviors happened today when I was working with a new trainee.  I always ask what the person had to eat before they came to the training session.  The trainee replied that they had eaten a hot dog.

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Now granted, they are new to training.  But it doesn’t take that much common sense to know that eating a hot dog before a training session is probably not the best food choice.  When working with a trainer and trying to lose weight, I don’t know if there is ever a good time for a hot dog.  But certainly not before you go in for a training session.

And of course they felt sick and weak half way through the session.

Sometimes it’s others who can be obstacles to us reaching our goals.  Sometimes it can be ourselves.  We not only have to surround ourselves with winners.  We have to be a winner for ourselves.  We have to be our own cheer-leading section.  Not being arrogant and not being the center of attention.

Surround yourself with winners.  People that will support you and are happy that good things are happening in your life.  And be a winner for yourself.  Do this and you can’t help but be successful.

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