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Time To Go To The Next Level

Are you making progress in your fitness and nutrition?  If so then it’s time to take it to the next level.  If you are not making progress, then it may be time to reevaluate you training and nutrition and try to figure out what’s not working.

Sometimes it can be something simple like not getting enough protein or vegetables in your diet.  Or, it could be something holding you back like problems with digestion or stress.

If you are making progress, that’s good.  The worst thing we can do is think we got it made because we are seeing results from our workouts and nutrition.  One of the things I tell people I train is never think that you can do the same things you are doing this week and expect them to help you progress next week.

If you are looking to make progress, you have to change your workouts.  Your body is very good at adapting and once it adapts to the workout, you stop making progress.

This means you have to vary your sets, reps and even your cardio conditioning.  Basically, I never train the same sets and reps two workouts in a row.  The workouts always change so that muscles can not adapt to the training.

Have fun with your workouts.  In order to see any results, you have to exercise 5 hours a week.  If you are going to spend an hour each day in the gym for 5 days out of the week, you might as well enjoy the time that you are there.

Personally, I love working out.   When I’m weight training, it’s just me and the weight.  I never think in terms of the weight and me in competition.  No, the weight is there to show me what I need to do to make improvements.  If it ever turns into a competition, I will always lose to the weight.  I’ve come to terms with the weight and it allows me to see me as I am and what I need to do.

Make friends with your workouts.  Have fun and enjoy making progress.  It’ll make going to the gym something you look forward to rather than dread.

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To Succeed You Have to do The Opposite

“If you look around and do the opposite of what everyone else is doing, you have a 98% chance of doing it right.”

Most people, when asked, will tell you one of their main goals is to lose weight.  With so many people wanting to lose weight, why is it that so few people actually lose weight?

There are three factors that determine a person’s ability to meat their weight loss goals.  They are diet, exercise and attitude.  If a person lacks any of the three of these factors they can kiss their weight loss goals goodbye.

Exercise and poor diet does not work.

A recent study done by Dr. John Berardi at the University of Texas was done on individuals who worked out intensely for 6 hours a week for 16 weeks.  However, they did not change their diet.  After the 16 weeks the average weight loss for the entire group was 1 pound of body fat.  Again, exercise without proper nutrition does not work.

In another study with teenage girls in a detention center.  The girls worked out for two hours a day for six months.  For their nutrition plan they followed the USDA nutrition guidelines, which is heavy on carbohydrates and low on fats.  And because they were in a detention center they had no choice but to follow the diet.  The results were that on average they gained 6 pounds, increase 1/2 inch in their waist and increased 3/4 inch in their hips. So, if you exercise and eat a poor diet you will not see any benefits from your exercise program.

Diet by itself does not work.

In a study of people that followed weight watchers but did not exercise found that people lost weight but the weight they lost of muscle and not fat.  This is highly problematic because muscle burns calories.  If you lose muscle you lose the ability to burn calories and you do significant damage to your metabolic rate.  This is referred to as metabolic syndrome.  In order to lose fat and keep the fat off you need lean muscle.  Without lean muscle, it is very difficult to lose body fat and keep the fat off.

In the same study, people who went to a gym and ate properly lost less weight than people that went to weight watchers.  However, they lost more visceral fat (abdominal fat).  And they gained muscle which is heavier than fat.

Attitude “If you want to know where your mind has been, take a look at your body today.”

Our life is a reflection of where our mind has been.  We become what we think about all day long.  Physiology follows psychology.  If we have a bad attitude toward exercise and fitness, it will show up in how you body looks.  Also, if you have a bad attitude towards proper nutrition it will show up in your appearance.

You have to see, feel and experience what you want to become.  If you want to change your body you have to not just exercise, or just diet.  You have to have a good solid workout and nutrition plan.  And you have to have a good attitude about what you are doing.  Without any of these tree components it is going to be extremely difficult to have success in meeting your weight loss goals.

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